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Smart Class

" We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world ''
-David Warlick

The well equipped innovative digital class of Arafa encourages active learning, knowledge construction, inquiry, and exploration on the part of the learners, and which allow for remote communication as well as data sharing to take place between teachers and/ or learners .. Not only do the students learn difficult and abstract curriculum concepts watching highly engaging visuals and animations, they actually see the entire world of knowledge unfolding before their eyes in their classrooms. The topics become vibrant with graphics and animation, enlivening and consolidating the knowledge acquired from the text book.


The school store makes available the prescribed Textbooks, Notebooks and uniform Material.


Students can avail transport facility subject to availability. Routes may be changed to suit operational convenience. Decision of the school authorities on routing, timing, pick up point etc of the bus will be final. The management reserves the right to collect additional rates of transportation for vehicles playing through kacha road.


“It is the child in man that is the source of his uniqueness and creativeness and the playground is the optimal milieu for the unfolding of his capacities and talents"

The School has well equipped laboratories For Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students are encouraged to use these laboratories to learn through experiments. Every year latest instruments, specimens, charts etc. are purchased for these laboratories.

Chemistry Lab

In the chemistry lab students indulge in a creative interplay of observation, experimentation and theoretical inferences. Students are trained to use scientific instruments, make observations, interpret and draw conclusions from observed facts. As per the guidelines of CBSE curriculum even the most basic techniques and procedures like inorganic and organic analysis, both qualitative and quantitative are dealt in such an enthusiastic and efficient manner that they not only enable students to face various changes related to health, nutrition, environment, industries, weather etc but also acquaint them with different aspects of chemistry in daily life. .  It consists of Burettes, tongs, tweezers, forceps, test tubes, conical flasks, laboratory balance, specimens, slides, microscopes, many chemicals useful for experiments.

Physics Lab

The Laboratory reinforces the knowledge acquired in the theory class by emphasizing on the fundamental concepts of physics. It aids the students understanding of using lab equipments. Moreover, it makes them realize the importance of direct observation as compared to inference based on theory. It helps the students develop a broad array of basic skills, especially experimental and analytical skills, and a general understanding of the tools of experimental physics and data analysis. The Flat-topped tables used as student workstations allow multiple arrangements and combinations for laboratory work and small-group activities. The equipment ranges from the commonly found lens, magnet, beam balance, spring balance, glass prism to the advanced apparatus like voltmeter, ammeter and resistors and spectrometers to name a few.

Biology Lab

Biology lab is well equipped with preserved specimens, slides, models and bio visual charts which emphasize on developing scientific temper among the students. Performing experiment is an interesting task. Students enjoy it as they learn something new from the results. Students of class IX to XII are guided for practicals. Occasionally students of other classes also make use of biology lab for various activities related to general science, which help them to learn new concepts that they have always been thinking about.

IT Lab

Learners in the internet age don’t need more information. They need to know how to efficiently use the massive amount of information available at their fingertips – to determine what’s credible, what’s relevant, and when its useful to reference. The computer lab serves as the center for teaching computer use to whole classes, usually by a specialist computer teacher. Classroom teachers also use the lab with their classes for creating technology-based projects. Technology specialists use the computer lab for teacher in-services where they instruct teachers on various aspects of using computers in educational setting.

Maths Lab

" Survival without Mathematics……"
In real life it comes under the term “IMPOSSIBLE ".

In line with the philosophy of experiential learning, The school provides a well equipped Mathematics Lab to enhance the understanding of the subject by practical means. The lab enables the teacher to demonstrate and explain mathematical ideas by using concrete objects, models, charts, graphs and pictures. Through these multiple teaching and learning aids the student explore mathematical concepts and verify facts and theorems through a variety of activities. This builds student interest and confidence in the subject and removes fear.

Madrasa / Islamic Education

Ours is truly an era of explosion of knowledge, and the exposure people have to knowledge of all sorts in the present day world has no parallel in the past. But unfortunately the education coming to the people is purely materialistic and worldly in its content, not only devoid of religious trappings but also promotes irreligiousness and atheism.
The need of the hour is an educational system built on the pillars of religion and moral instruction. The essence of education should be the restoration of the supreme life anchoring values into the generation succumbed to ethical defilement .Catering to this requirement, the school offers moral instructions through a series of books from the Samastha Kerala Vidyabyasa Board and a complete and compact course prepared by the school in the basics of Islamic faith and all pervasive Islamic concepts. It is the spiritual light that glows inside us which elevates us. Besides imparting knowledge and skills, we do imbue in our children the values that lead a life of fulfillment.

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