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Art provides an opportunity for kaleidoscopic thinking. Each time we shift the lens of our perceptions, we gain new perspectives — and new opportunities for innovation.
— Linda Naiman

Numerous arts and craft activities  introduced to the children at school sow the seeds for his or her physical, social and cognitive development.Making miniature statues from clay or colouring with crayons, folding papers expertly to make origami shapes or preparing a hand-made birthday cards spike childrens interest and tap their artistic potential. The various benefits extend to the development of cultural awareness, visual-learning and memory , decision-making skills and instills a sense of pride and achievement in a child, which helps in boosting their self-esteem.
Realising the fact that Art and Craft are the two inevitable ingredients to the intellectual, emotional and aesthetic life of our children, Arafa provides ample opportunities to every child to defreeze the hidden talents in Music, Dance and Craft. The annual conduct of two days School youth festival, with due importance and reverence contributes to

  • Exciting event, unveiling the innate, moulded and carved talents of our children.
  • Motivates and instills enduring urge of participation.
  • Enables the participants to govern their limitations positively, analyse his/ her performance thus enhancing betterment.
  • Develops reasoning, creativity and conceptualizing, communication skills and physical co- ordination.

Role of teachers, the stake holders

Diagnose the individual talents, motivate and stimulate and steer the students Expertize and assist students to expose their best. Finally judge them with deserving and desirable justice responding to the aspirations of the school.

"Without Faith Nothing Is Possible. With It Nothing Is Impossible" Conquer the core of heroism by staying on course even if we stumble. Growth of a meaningful nature comes as a result of good planning and conscious efforts by reinventing our roles, renewing our goals, reshaping our strategies and reorienting our attitude and approach to scholastic and co scholastic areas of Education to survive in the NEW GLOBAL ORDER.


The glory of the school sports is far more amazing with outstanding records at the districts, state and national levels with students showcasing their sportive prowess and individual brilliance in team events like kho..kho and football.
Track and Field events are usually the more obvious ones that are undertaken at high school level and the high school students get a chance to test their skills against peers at interschool atheletic events in much the same way that the teams compete in interschool games . The students have displayed their magnanimity by winning gold, silver and bronze medals.

The main objectives of HPE is to

  • Develop techniques and tactics involved in organised physical activities, games and sports.
  • Acquire knowledge about human body as its functioning is influenced by physical activities.
  • Understand the process of growth and development as participation in physical activities has positive relationship with it.
  • Develop socio-psychological aspects like control of emotions, balanced behaviour, development of leadership and followership qualities and team spirit through participation in games and sports
  • Develop positive health related fitness habits which can be practised lifelong so as to prevent degenerative diseases.

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