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Reading is like flying in your mind. Our well stocked library with a diverse range of books allow students to travel across time into different worlds. No wonder the library is the favourite land of many students even in these times of visual entertainment.
The main aim of Library is to facilitate the creation of new knowledge by providing knowledge resources. Our motto is “Read to Lead”.
The school provides well furnished library, a treasure house of books having a collection of 9500 books of of all genres of Fiction and Non Fiction. It has a reading room with seven dailies and large number of journals and periodicals. All these facilities are provided to staff and students of the school to study and refer. Books are issued to children from Primary level. Library corner in each class enables the children to improve their vocabulary, reading skill etc.
Our Staff and Students have a good habit of donating books to the school library on their birthday to spread the light of reading. This wonderful act adds on to our book wealth.
Reader’s week is celebrated with various activities such as group reading, speech, quiz etc to inculcate the reading habits.


Arafa is committed to a comprehensive process of curriculum planning and assessment to foster the continuous improvement of student performance. It is designed to give different outcomes at different levels as the student progress from preschool to high school.

Pre school & kinder garten

The curriculam focuses on cognitive and motor skills providing an interactive learning opportunities for seasonal and artistic exploration. Children are made to perform with hands on material which helps in motor co-ordination. The emphasis is on active interaction to promote language development, social & emotional skills.

Primary School

Primary classes are from I to V, divided into lower primary and upper primary. It focuses on subjects like Mathematics, E.V.S, G.K, Computer and languages like English, Malayalam, Arabic and Hindi. The syllabus is designed by the NCERT. The learning skills are developed by projects, group activities, interactive sessions etc.

Middle School

This begins from class VI to VIII where emphasis is on first language - English and core subjects like Mathematics, General science and Social science. Languages like Arabic, Hindi and Malayalam are taught as well. It is here that maximum emphasis is given on social and moral values which are engraved within a broad and balanced curriculum.


Secondary focuses on an examination perspective with core subject English, Mathematics, General science, Social science and the languages to choose between Malayalam and Arabic. The following are the subjects offered.

  • English
  • Malayalam / Arabic
  • Science & Technology (physics, chemistry & Life Science)
  • Social Science (History, geography, civics & Economics)
  • Work experience
  • Physical & health Education
  • Computer Science

The redesigned educational program helps to increase academic achievement and the level of the student engagement. Students feel more connected to learning and teachers have more opportunity to know and support the student.

Senior Secondary

The following subject combinations are offered at the Senior Secondary level.

English Core, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology / Computer Science.
English Core, Malayalam / Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies, Informatics practices / Physical Education / Web Technology

Training Programme

Various Workshops and seminars are organised in the school by teachers or by outside agencies to abreast the students to enhance communication skills, personality and avoiding fear and stress.

Adolescence Education program

Adolescence is a period in which emotions overflow in a fluctuated manner. It is a time when they became vulnerable to risk behaviors. A.E.P stands in the arena to properly channelise their emotions. They are in a stage which is marked with egos that leads to some level of superiority complex and inferiority complex as well with greater levels of logical and critical thinking, they are involved in establishing school identity. This significant issues that affect adolescents include substance abuse, anxiety, depression, suicide etc.

The govt. of India has taken a decision to implement the Adolescence Education program (A.E.P) in all secondary and higher secondary schools. The objectives of A.E.P are to develop value enhanced life-skills for coping and managing concerns of Adolescence through co-curricular activities, to provide accurate knowledge to students about process of growing up, HIV/AIDS and substance abuse, to develop healthy attitudes and responsible behaviour towards growing up, to enable them to deal with gender stereotypes and prejudices and to cope with emotions and stress.

The A.E.P is being mentioned at the National, State District and School levels. A.E.P's vision is to lend a helping hand to adolescent groups and to mould adolescents with positive vibes.

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