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Certainly, it is a heaven upon earth to have a man’s mind, move in charity, rest in providence and turn upon the poles of truth. Obligated to be more scrupulous in fulfilling the commandment of charity than any other positive commandment, the ARAFA CHARITABLE TRUST took roots in the year 1994 on the 17th of April.
Registered under the Societies Act No. 283/97 this philanthropic organization has kept its doors open to the needs of the society, especially the under-privileged sections and embraces activities in spiritual, cultural, educational and social fields. Through an exercise of a thoughtful benevolence, fuelled by dedication, its vision of proactive philanthrophy has been catalytic to various developmental works and a remedy for million woes across the country, while all its initiatives have had a contemporary relevance.
The Arafa Charitable Trust continues to work with a mission and purpose to achieve its ever expanding visions.

Our Mission

  1. Establishment and management of Residential Schools, Vocational Training Institutions, School for Children with Special Needs, Professional Colleges and Medical Centers.
  2. Provision of monetary assistance for the education of poor and meritorious students ir-respective of caste, creed and religion.
  3. Establishment of libraries, subscription of journals for fruitful propagation of life perfecting dynamic spiritual values.
  4. Offer free education to the poor, needy but gifted students in the community.
  5. Service to the society, reaching the downtrodden, rendering its service with humility to fellow human beings reeling under the severe impact of natural disasters.
  6. Sensitize community for its up liftment through seminars, classes, campaigns and debates.
  7. Establish educational institutions with combined syllabus for the religious and secular discipline.
  8. Establishment of Islamic financial Institutions.
  9. Setting apart special marriage funds for marriage of poor girls.
  10. To keep pace with dynamic demands of all professions- IT, Engineering, Medicine etc. through coaching classes and quality service.

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