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Smart Class  
The well equipped innovative digital class of Arafa fosters the fact that "Arafa is Technosovial to the core". The digital class of Arafa unveils a real visual experience to its kids. It helps the students to digest the concepts in a much feasible way. It breaks the monotony among the children. Digital class refreshes all the senses and makes the students alert. We are about to install more digital classes since we found it to be very much effective. In this very era, where technology rules the world, we will never let our children be at bay... we are here to make wonders with technology...  
The school store makes available the prescribed Textbooks, Notebooks and uniform Material.
Students can avail transport facility subject to availability. Routes may be changed to suit operational convenience. Decision of the school authorities on routing, timing, pick up point etc of the bus will be final. The management reserves the right to collect additional rates of transportation for vehicles playing through kacha road.  
Chemistry Lab
Biology Lab
Physics Lab
Maths Lab
IT Lab
Chemistry Lab:
Chemistry Lab has in store with it all the most modern facilities.  Each table is provided with sinks and gas connections.  Gas connections are having separate valves too.  The pictures of scientists are kept on the walls so that the children get acquainted with those great legends.  The lab has got a provision of a separate room to store the chemicals.  The lab is spacious and ventilated.  It is also provided with exhaust fans and fire extinguishers.  In total it gives the children a platform to experience learning by doing.
Physics Lab:
Arafa is having a spacious physics lab.  Students learning has been enhanced significantly through the use of specially designed lab facilities.  Students spend most of their  time at the large demonstration table performing experiments on their own.  Students can work in primary groups of two or four depending on the activity in hand.  Physics lab is well equipped with the instruments and apparatus to cater academic needs of the students.
IT Lab:
The advent of 'computers' has started influencing all walks of human life. So we through our multifacilitated IT Lab provide ample support of our students to improve their creativity and there by shape their minds in all walks of their life. Our IT Lab helps our students to get trained with all the upcoming trends of Information Technology. It provides a spacious atmosphere which help our children to have a crystal clear thinking mentally. We always update our IT Lab to the emerging features of IT which makes our lab distinct. Individual support and facility is given to each of the student by providing them separate systems. We give them 'animated presentations' which help the children understand and grasp things more easily. We also support e-learning facility. We encourage them in developing projects, in which students introduce computerized methods to the normal manual solved problems. We also provide complete Internet access facility through broadband connection thereby helping to bring things more closer. Our ultimate aim is to achieve excellence in this challenged, competitive environment.
Biology Lab:
Biology Lab is a place where different types of experiments concerning all disciplines of life science take place. Our school has a well equipped and fully furnished biology lab. Biology lab ensures a long life with its robust design. The equipments are reliable and easy to maintain and perfectly compatible. Surplus amount of microscopes are available in the lab. Seating arrangements are in a such a way that the instructor can get a clear view of the students who are doing the experiments. The lab has enough cupboards to keep the specimens, models etc. charts related to animals, human and plant biology adorn the walls of biology lab. Moreover it is spacious and well ventilated.
Maths Lab

“Survival without Mathematics……”

In real life it comes under the term “IMPOSSIBLE”.

Considering the importance of Mathematics on the whole Arafa provides you with a wonderful well equipped maths lab.  Apart from the name one entering into our lab can’t help wonder about how such a lab can be made up.  Surely you would find surprising to see a place where you can find only mathematical objects or where everything deformed into Mathematical shapes. 

Our lab is well equipped with all the basic necessities for enjoying the Mathematic world especially for primary school kids.  You can find ABACUS invented by the Chinese, most probably the oldest mathematical instrument in the world, but still it proves to be helpful for the children, to be familiar with the numbers and their place values. 

Arafa has provided such a wonderful maths lab with Ganithamala, Jodoblock, Brain Teaser, Volume of embankment and Geoboard.  So that each and every student could utilize its maximum.
Madrasa / Islamic Education  
Ours is truly an era of explosion of knowledge, and the exposure people have to knowledge of all sorts in the present day world has no parallel in the past. But unfortunately the education coming to the people is purely materialistic and worldly in its content, not only devoid of religious trappings but also promotes irreligiousness and  atheism.

The need of the hour is an educational system built on the pillars of religion and moral instruction. The essence of education should be the restoration of the supreme life anchoring values into the  generation succumbed to ethical defilement .Catering to this requirement, the school offers moral instructions through a series of books from the Samastha Kerala Vidyabyasa Board and  a complete and compact course  prepared by the school  in the basics of Islamic faith and all pervasive Islamic concepts. It is the spiritual light that glows inside us which elevates us.  Besides imparting knowledge and skills, we do imbue in our children the values that lead a life of fulfillment.
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